Switchgear Arc Resistant Faults

Internal arc fault test IAC AFLR 31.5kA/1s, 40kA/1s, and even 50kA/1s, although the risk of arc test is high, there are very many uncertainties, but not through any “special treatment”, […]

Medium Voltage Tubular Busbar Switchgear

These two days EP exhibition, Schneider, ABB coincidentally show the medium voltage Tubular Busbar Switchgear. 12kV and 40.5kV air insulated switchgear. Abstract: With the development of carbon peak, carbon neutral, […]

Design of Internal Arc-Resistant Switchgear

The customer’s requirement is to pass an internal arc fault test with a 40kA 1s rating for a 17.5kV switchgear cabinet that is 650mm wide. Switchgear Cabinet Dimensions: Width: 650mm […]

Contactor Applications

Contactors find application in various scenarios where the switching on and off of loads is necessary during normal operations. These applications include medium voltage public lighting and industrial motors. The […]

Short-time withstand

Low and medium voltage electrical components of the electrical parameters, many are similar, such as short-time withstand current Icw, are required to switchgear in the case of short-circuit faults, due […]

Comparison of epoxy resin and ceramics

While there are many formulations of alicyclic epoxy resins and many varieties of ceramics, each with their own specific qualities and parameters, there are some general comparisons . First, in […]

Low Voltage Switchgear Basics

Complete sets of equipment for rated voltages not exceeding 1000V AC and 1500V DC, fixed or mobile, with or without enclosures One or more low-voltage switchgear and related control, measurement, […]