FLN36-12/FLRN36-12 for SF6 Gas Insulated Load Break Switch

The FLN36-12D load break switch is a versatile medium voltage switchgear unit that combines the functions of load breaking, grounding, and isolation. Housed within a robust epoxy resin enclosure filled with SF6 gas at 0.05MPa, this device minimizes components while maximizing functionality, ensuring product quality, enhancing reliability, and requiring virtually no maintenance. It is designed for a safe operational lifespan of over 20 years under normal conditions.



The FLN36-12 indoor high voltage AC load break switch represents a leap forward in switching equipment technology, aligning itself with international standards and catering to China’s ever-evolving power system requirements. This cutting-edge device fully complies with IEC 420, 694, 129, as well as national standards such as GB3804-2004 for “3.6kV-0.5kV high voltage AC load breaker switches,” GB1985-2004 for “high-voltage AC isolation switches and earthing switches,” and GB/T11022-1999 for “common technical requirements for high-voltage switchgear and control equipment standards.” It serves as the primary switching element within RMU (Ring Main Units).

Key Functions and Features:

  1. Triple Operating States: The load break switch employs a double fracture, rotary movable contact structure, offering three distinct operating states: closing, opening, and earthing.
  2. SF6 Gas Insulation: Utilizing SF6 gas as both an arc extinguishing and insulating medium, the main circuit is hermetically sealed within upper and lower epoxy resin housings, ensuring immunity to external influences.
  3. Enhanced Safety: The device boasts exceptional safety features. In the event of internal arcing, the housing is designed with a structural weak point that facilitates rapid opening. The arc is then safely redirected outside the cabinet through the upper shutter release, preventing overpressure buildup inside the switch cabinet and ensuring security checks.
  4. Integrated Design: The load break switch seamlessly combines gates, opening, and earthing functions, all encapsulated within an epoxy resin housing filled with SF6 gas. It features a three-position interlock, compact structure, and offers high security and reliability.
  5. Compact and User-Friendly: With its small footprint, lightweight design, and maintenance-free operation, the FLN36-12D is both easy and safe to operate.

The FLN36-12 indoor high voltage AC load break switch redefines excellence in medium voltage switchgear, providing a compact, reliable, and innovative solution that aligns with the most demanding industry standards.

Outline and installation dimensions

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Product Photograph

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