Side-mounted Vacuum Circuit Breaker 12kv

The 12kV Indoor High Voltage Vacuum Circuit Breaker is specifically designed for use in 12kV power systems. It serves as an essential component for indoor switchgear applications, providing efficient protection and control for power grid equipment, as well as industrial and mining enterprises. This circuit breaker excels in switching various loads with different characteristics, making it suitable for frequent operations and the ability to interrupt short-circuit currents.


Key Features:

  • Rated Voltage: 12kV
  • Frequency: 50/60Hz
  • Integrated Design: The breaker adopts an integrated design of the operating mechanism, making it robust and reliable.
  • Environmental Protection: The circuit breaker is designed to protect the interrupter from impact, dust, and condensation.
  • Strong Environmental Adaptability: It can adapt to various environmental conditions, reducing operation and maintenance costs.
  • Integrated Operating Mechanism: The operating mechanism is integrated with the circuit breaker body, verified by type tests.
  • Long Service Life: It has an E2 electrical life and M12 mechanical life, ensuring longevity and reliability.

Environmental Requirements:

  • Ambient Temperature: -15°C to +40°C
  • Environmental Humidity: Daily average relative humidity not exceeding 95%, monthly average relative humidity not exceeding 90%.
  • Altitude: Not exceeding 1000m
  • Earthquake Intensity: Does not exceed 8 degrees
  • Environmental Purity: The surrounding air should not be significantly polluted by dust, smoke, corrosive, flammable gases, steam, or salt spray.

Technical Specifications:

 Item Unit Data
1 Rated voltage 12
2 Maximum working voltage kv 12
3 Rated current A 630  1250 630  1250
4 Rated short-circuit break current kA 20/25 31.5
5 Rated short-circuit close current (peak value) kA 50/63 80
6 Rated withstand current (peak value) kA 50/63 80
7 4S Rated little withstand current kA 20/25 31.5
8 Rated insulation level Industrial frequency withstand voltage kA 42/48
Thunder impulse

withstand voltage

9 Rated operation order Off-0.3S on and off-180S-on and off
10 Mechanical life times 10000
11 Rated short-circuit current break and close time times 50
12 Speak and move organization amount assign the current

of the floodgate(DC)

V AC.DC.110,220
13 Speak and move organization amount equal to  the current

of the floodgate(DC)

V AC.DC 110,220
14 Switching distance of the contact mm >11
15 Ultra journey(touches the head spring and compress length) mm 4+/-0.5
16 Three-phase breaking into  shut

floodgate sex of the same period

ms <2
17 Touch the head and shut a  floodgate of time of bouncing ms <2
18 Average speed of breaking brake m/s 0.9~1.7
19 Average speed of closing brake m/s 0.6~1.0
20 Time of breaking brake Operate it under the

voltage highest

s <0.05
Operate it under the

voltage lowest

21 Time of closing brake s <0.1
22 Each the resistance of main return circuit u  Ω <45
23 Allowance abrasion cumulated thickness

of the moving and stationary contact

mm 3

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