High Voltage Interlocking device Shutter Mechanism For 800mm Width Switchgear

The shutter mechanism is an important part of high-voltage distribution switchgear. At present, the shutter mechanism of domestic production mainly adopts the spring mechanism to operate the upper and lower movable doors. When the movable part is pushed forward so that the movable contact is drawn into the static contact, the spring linkage mechanism of the valve is driven by the linkage as the movable part hits the valve, and under the action of external force, the upper and lower valve plates move up and down respectively and open, so that the valve forms a synchronous counter-opening structure; conversely, when the movable part is pulled out, under the action of the spring, the linkage drives the valve plate to reset and cover the static contact completely.



No. Item Code Qty
1 Right support 8XS.123.011 1
2 Right linking plate 5XS.235.011 1
3 Sign 8XS.866.014 1
4 Left linking plate 5XS.235.010 1
5 Washerφ6 GB97.1-85 16
6 Elastic washerφ6 GB93-87 10
7 Bolt M6* 12 GB5783-86 10
8 Left support 8XS.123.010 1
9 Linking plate welding 5XS.174.016.1 (for VD4) 2
5XS.174.016.2 (for VS1)
5XS.174.016.3 (for VBI)
10 Down shutter 8XS.320.010   (800mm) 1
8XS.320.010.1 (650mm)
8XS.320.010.2 (840mm)
8XS.320.010.3 (900mm)
8XS.320.010.4 (1000mm)
11 Block card DK-8 8
12 Support plate 8XS.123.013 3
13 Linking plate welding 5XS.174.015.1 (for VD4) 2
5XS.174.015.2 (for VS1)
5XS.174.015.3 (for VBI)
14 Sign 8XS.866.012 1
15 Sign 8XS.866.013 2
16 Support plate 8XS.123.012 3
17 Nut M6 GB6170-86 6
18 Upper shutter 8XS.320.011   (800mm) 1
8XS.320.011.1 (650mm)
8XS.320.011.2 (840mm)
8XS.320.011.3 (900mm)
8XS.320.011.4 (1000mm)
19 Guide rod 8XS.234.011 (for VD4.VS1) 2
8XS.234.011.1 (for VBI)
20 Stop collar 8XS.210.011 2